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US Ranchers Round up the Power of the Sun

    Hopefully we can continue the solar farm discussion with more relevant information about how other agricultural regions are reacting to this new opportunity to use solar farming as a land preservation model. NOT in My Backyard doesn't apply anymore since we've been conducting our "oil wars" for the past 10 years. with young soldiers paying the price to keep your gas prices low and subsidized by the government. We need to have a more global appreciation for the energy mess were in…


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Solar-Powered Wineries

Ramona's Wineries & Green Business Ethics

       Since Ramona's Community Planning Group has chosen to oppose the solar farm on Warnock Road, I thought it helpful to share this amazing wine industry website, " California's Solar-Powered Wineries". …


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San Onofre Shutdown

What are people think? Do they even care? We've become so dependent on BIG corporations with BIG solutions to all our BIG problems so they can make BIG MONEY off our servitude lives. Did you know that the know defective steam tube generators are Made in Japan? That's right, we don't even make our own nuclear parts in the USA anymore, so we've let the quality slip along with the safety requirements of operating a nuclear power plant.

We need more local solar programs so…


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A Timeline on Energy IV - Solar Cooking & Climate Research

A Timeline on Energy IV: Solar Cooking & Climate Research

 Februray, 2012

By Daniel Wise


            One of the biggest draws towards renewable energy projects, today and the near future, is their ability to reduce the tonnage of air pollutants and excessive heat rise into earth’s atmosphere. Such pollution is causing significant respiratory health problems, global warming and…


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Solar Lifestyle

Living Local & Green with Solar Power


Our lifestyle search for more practical solar applications began in 1977 when I began working as a manufacturer's representative for San Diego's, Energy Systems Inc. (ESI). We were a leading producer of solar hot water panels which had distribution locally, nationally, and internationally. I was responsible for direct customer field calls, systems designing, market development, as well…


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