What are people think? Do they even care? We've become so dependent on BIG corporations with BIG solutions to all our BIG problems so they can make BIG MONEY off our servitude lives. Did you know that the know defective steam tube generators are Made in Japan? That's right, we don't even make our own nuclear parts in the USA anymore, so we've let the quality slip along with the safety requirements of operating a nuclear power plant.

We need more local solar programs so that we are all more insulated and secure from damages caused by big utility blackout. Like Sacramento has, we too, could establish local municipal incorporated utility districts to more efficiiently and economically manage local solar and wind power generation loads to meet and offset peak summer demands to the older, less reliable national grid system. 

I believe their are "upstart" green companies who are coordinating and funding? these need decentralized grid systems for the future. A smart community of ratepayers could actually generate a net revenue if the solar systems was sized for excess production sales back to the utility.  

Want to know more about this?

Dan Wise 

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