Ramona's Wineries & Green Business Ethics

       Since Ramona's Community Planning Group has chosen to oppose the solar farm on Warnock Road, I thought it helpful to share this amazing wine industry website, " California's Solar-Powered Wineries". 


       It just seemed to me that with eight major wine regions participating in solar powered applications, for both economical and environmental purposes, that those vintners and local residents must have had some other value systems about their community and the roles they could play for future planning, which our local opposition seems to be denying.

      Climate change is happening. You can choose a blind eye and deny it all; blame the environmentalists, like John Muir and such; or you can take some personal actions to change your daily business practices which make a difference along with the rest of the world whose trying to reduce CO2 emissions and leave the planet cleaner for future generations to carry on.

      Visit our website for a link to a UCSD climatologist's report on solar cooking and the reduction of black smoke and soot pollution in India.  http://sandiegosolarovens.com/blog1/index.php/reduce-carbon-footpri...

Warm regards to all, Daniel Wise

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