US Ranchers Round up the Power of the Sun

    Hopefully we can continue the solar farm discussion with more relevant information about how other agricultural regions are reacting to this new opportunity to use solar farming as a land preservation model. NOT in My Backyard doesn't apply anymore since we've been conducting our "oil wars" for the past 10 years. with young soldiers paying the price to keep your gas prices low and subsidized by the government. We need to have a more global appreciation for the energy mess were in and try to look outside the narrowly perceived, aesthetic limitations which a core of die-hard, one-way thinking farmers in the region have taken in opposition to the Warnock Solar Farm. Thank God, in the 1980's we had the wisdom enough to pass California's Right to Sunlight" laws, foreseeing that the nay sayers would attempt to subvert the rights of individual landowners. Each of us has a right to use the sunlight which falls upon our rooftops, backyard, and yes - farmlands too.

    Renewable energy sites create more value-added to a community infrastructure than another pile of rusted out cars and trucks in an old farms side yard. And certainly more then another stinky sewage treatment plant for future developments underway. Wake up and feel the sunshine - heat your water, dry your clothes, cook some food, and yes, even generate your own electricity. I don't know how much more those actions can represent the "rights of our freedoms" which our soldiers have been dying to preserve in a land of oil pollution and corruption.

Read below and see other farmers' perspectives about this future natural resource....

Daniel Wise

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